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RICOH Replacement Digital Camera Batteries (Part Number)

DB-20 DB-20L DB-40
DB-40 DB-43 DB-43
DB-50 DB-50 DB-60

RICOH Replacement Digital Camera Batteries (Model)

DB-20 DB-20L DB-40
DB-40 DB-43 DB-43
DB-50 DB-50 DB-60
130Z 4F20S AF7Z
Caplio 10G Caplio 10G Caplio GX
Caplio GX8 Caplio R1 Caplio R1S
Caplio R1V Caplio R2 Caplio R3
Caplio R30 Caplio R4 Caplio RR30
Caplio RR30 Caplio RX Caplio RX
Caplio RZ1 Caplio Rdc-i700 Caplio Rdc-i700
Easy II FF-10 Zoom FF-20L-20
FF-300D FF-8NR FF10 Zoom
FF10D Zoom FF20 FF20 Wide Zoom
FF8WR GR Digital GR10
Giro 140 Master Shot 110 Master Shot 130
Master Shot 130 Super Master Shot 130-Z Master Shot AF
Master Shot AFD Master Shot AFII Master Shot AFP
Master Shot AFPD Master Shot FF20 Super Master Shot TRU-Zoom
Master Shot Ultra Dual Master Shot Ultra Zoom Master Shot Ultra Zoom D
Master Shot Ultra Zoom II Master Shot Ultra Zoom Super Master Shot Zoom 70
Master Shot Zoom 70D Mirai 105 Myport 330 Super
Myport 330 Zoom Petite Zoom D Prego 115
Prego 115 AF Prego 125 Prego 140
Prego 145 AF Prego 70 Zoom Date Prego 90
Prego 90 AF Prego Xenar AF Prego Zoom 115 Date
Prego Zoom AF R-EX105Z RDC-6000
RDC-7 RDC-7S RDC-i500
RDC-i700 RX-700 RZ 105 Date
RZ 105 Zoom RZ 700 RZ 770
RZ 900 Date RZ-1050 RZ-115
RZ-125 RZ-140 RZ-3000
RZ-700 Ricoh Caplio 300G Ricoh Caplio G3
Ricoh Caplio G4wide Ricoh Caplio GX Ricoh Caplio RR30
Super Shot AF D YF-20 Super YF-20D
Zoom Super Zoom X115 Zoom X70


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