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Ascentia 800N series Adapter

SAGER Ascentia 800N series Laptop Auto(DC) Adapter
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Sale price: £ 18.66
inc. VAT

SAGER Ascentia 800N series Laptop Auto(DC) Adapter

  • Product Type: Replacement (Brand New)
  • High quality Japanese battery cells
  • 100% original manufacturer compatible
  • Full one year warranty
  • Input Volts:12V-13.5V
    Output Volts:18V-20V
    Operation Temperature:0°C ~ +40°C
    Storage Temperature:-40° C ~ +85° C
    Relative Humidity:5% ~ 95%RH (non-condensing)
    Safety Approvals:UL, CUL, TUV, CE , CCC, GOST-R, B Mark, NOM, NEMKO, PSB, S-Mark, S+Mark,RCM

    This Laptop Auto(DC) Adapter is also compatible with the following models:
      AcerNote 350series,   Extensa 610 series,   4500,
      C302 Series,    Extensa 503,   AcerNote Light 370,
      C102,    800,   Extensa 500,
      Travelmate 506,    AcerNote 850C,   380 Series,
      Aspire 1680 Series,    Extensa 506DX,   TravelMate C300,
      P100 Extensa 355,    Travelmate 4000,   C301,
      Extensa 502,    AcerNote Light 360,   C110,
      6000,    Travelmate 505,   AcerNote 370series,
      Travelmate 370,    2300,   Travelmate 524 series,
      Extensa 505DX,    AcerNote Light 380series,   C104 Series,
      8000 Series,    Extensa 501,   Travelmate 507,
      AcerNote Light 350,    Travelmate C100,   Travelmate 660,
      Extensa 600,  
      Travelpro 100,   Travelpro 1970CT,   Rodeo 3500 series,
      Travelpro 1950,    MP-975A,   Travelpro 1965,
      Travelpro 12CT,    Travelpro 2000,   Travelpro 6000 series,
      Travelpro 1961CT,  
      Ascentia 810N,   Ascentia 925N,   Ascentia 800N series,
      Ascentia P series,    Ascentia 910N,   Ascentia 950N,

      Presario 900,   Armada 4200 series,   Presario 1500,
      Presario 300,    Armada 4100 series,   Tablet PC TC100,
      Armada M700 Series,    Presario 2800 series,  
      Latitude LX,   Latitude 433,   Latitude LX4100 series,
      Latitude 475,    Latitude 450,  
      Solo 9300 series,   Solo 2150,   Solo 9100 series,
      Solo 2300 series,    Solo 2100,   Solo 5100 series,
      Solo 2200,    Solo 1100,   Solo 2500 series,

      Transport XKE,   Transport VLX-e,   Transport Trek,

      5200 series,
      PC 3000s eries,   PC 9000 series,   PC S400,
      PC 8000 series,  
      SlimNote 875 series,   SlimNote 9100,   SlimNote 5100 series,
      SlimNote 550S,    SlimNote 100 series,   SlimNote 600D,
      SlimNote 890 series,    SlimNote 9 series,   SlimNote 6100 series,
      SlimNote 575,  
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